Pension funds into property?


“While property is attractive to investors because it is tangible and people understand it better than stocks and shares, it is important to spread your investment risk particularly as property prices can go down as well as up,”

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House prices rise at fastest in five years


“While prices continue to soar in London, particularly the top end of the market, transactions and lending levels are running at a fraction of what they were at the height of the housing boom.
“This will be a long, slow recovery and while there are fears that the second stage of Help to Buy, brought forward to next week, will fuel a bubble, the Bank of England Governor yesterday restated that he has his eye on it.

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House prices up more than 5% from a year ago


Nicholas Ayre, managing director of homebuying agency Home Fusion, said: “Prices continue to rise but not as robustly as in the past few months, suggesting fears of a house price bubble are overstated. A bubble implies that people are buying anything at any price and they aren’t. Buyers are being selective and sellers who are set on a certain price with little regard to what the market thinks the property is worth are struggling to sell.

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Grand Designs: Cost Cutting

Interior designers knows that sourcing is a skill, so do plenty of research upfront, adds Nicholas Ayre, director at home buying agency Home Fusion. “Identify suppliers and approach them confidently. If they suspect you’re not in the industry, they are unlikely to offer you a trade discount.”

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House Prices April 2012


Nicholas Ayre, from buying agents Home Fusion said that “house prices are being dragged down by the full weight of consumer caution and economic uncertainty and the nationwide are or thereabouts when they say prices will stagnate over the course of the next year” he also added “my feeling is that this is the most positive scenario”.

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How far will your money go?

“Replace the taps, rather than buying an entire new sink, and fit new cupboard doors instead of replacing the whole units,” says Nicholas Ayre, director of the buying agency Home Fusion.

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